Part 2 (Part 1)


Around the age of 9 I did get to know astrology on a deeper level. My mum was studying and practicing Professional Astrology (for over 5 years) at first on herself than on me. The Professional Astrology use date of birth, time and longitude/latitude (city) to draft a Natal Chart map. It is a precise mathematical map of all the Zodiac signs, planets and other astrological aspects at the time of the birth. It is different for each individual at all times. Astrology is a unique practice and none of the commercially available astrology will be unique to one person as the Natal Chart map report.

Upon my Natal Chart report I found out why it was difficult for me to be in the relationship with my husband. It is all down to the planet placement on the Natal Chart. The planets have energetic influence on us by their energy similar to the Moons’ control over the tides through gravitational pull. Even the Moon controls our biological clocks as we have 50-65% of water in our bodies (based on average adult human body). Generally the Moon represents emotional wellbeing and a mother in the astrological readings.

For example: if we looked at mine and my X husbands Natal Chart maps, we could see that different planet positions at the time of the birth are not a positive match. It would require a lot of patience and understanding on a certain level to maintain positive relationship. Each and every planet has a special characteristic and type of energy that influences our daily life. This is because some planets are further away it takes them to go around the Sun for much longer…so slow planets and/or faster planets could grind their energies together in harmony or against each other. As well, it is important to know in what House, at which degree and with what Zodiac sign the planets are at the time of the birth to give a precise reading of the influential energy.


The Astrology is a very deep study and it is so much to explain to why it is the way it is. The point of this is to go back to basics to understand – Why? The Astrology is one of those unconventional wisdom’s what we do not know but should have thought when little.

Now with help of the Astrology I finally understand – we had different energy pulls what we did not understand how to work with. We were young, we were different, we did not corporate and we had different teachings… we did not have experience and it was more difficult as I and my X husband had different cultural backgrounds, ideas and the understanding. Of course there are always possibilities of getting back together in any relationship, but is it worth it? It would require a lot of new practice and patience (mind you that the human nature is not that perfect as we all have our differences).

Though on a positive note – if I and my X husband would get to basics, sorted out our problems, reignited the spark then we could become the most powerful couple we ever been. But then again, the free will should kick in on really wanting to have that partnership for life.

To create a beautiful life-long marriage both partners have to want to learn to get to know each other, do things for each other and come forwards to each other when one is drifting away. The marriage is a mental, physical, spiritual corporation on every level. And if the two are completely different people but still wish to be there for each other, there must be corporation. If one of them slips and the other will not acknowledge that then there can be self-destructive behaviour from both of the parts. Simply, because of not knowing own emotions, or How to help?

So if you ask me – what is the Beauty? My answer: It is the ability to learn, to understand, to experience, to sustain each other, and to use and to enjoy the balance of different ‘tools’ available to you (such as astrology, gym, hobbies, etc.).

When I was in my teenage years my mum always said: “Try everything once and then choose against it, if it makes you worse – or keep and cherish it, if it makes you happy”.

The most beautiful soul is when you let it live, do not stop to nourish it with sustainable life!

The “Beauty and The Beast” might be a magical story but to have happily ever after the individuals should strive to thrive – try hard, grow and prosper as individual and as a couple! We need beautiful things to get inspired, to heal, to find our own way, or to show us that there is better ways in life to be happy.


When and why and how are you at your most beautiful YOU? What’s your beauty?

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