Part 1

When I think of the word beauty the first thing it reminds me of is the “Beauty and the Beast” American Walt Disney Pictures animated fantasy film from 1991. That yellow French rococo period style dress, beautiful handcrafted cutlery (and talking teapot), massive castle in varied styles and that magical red rose – all things beautiful. Plus at the end of the film it is fortunate for the beast to turn into handsome prince. All little girls dreams – right?!


One side of this story teaches to appreciate attractive beautiful lifestyle. But is this enough to find beauty? Do we have to have expensive beautiful things around us to be happy? How we find balance, happiness and abundance – the beautiful inside out? What defines beauty in our lives? What is the beauty?

Sometimes it is too easy to forget what makes your soul sing. As it happened to me…

Once I fell in love with a man who was charming, lovely person that he was. We got our little castle’ the size of a bigger studio flat. We were young and in love. One day he dropped on one knee and my life seemed to get even better. Everything what happens after you get married it was coming my way – a cat named Rico, a shared Audi A6, 1 bed house rental and a kitchen utensils.

When honey moon finished we started to get busy at work, our marriage slowed down and nothing seemed to be as fun as use to. So we thought to have a baby boy. We were blessed! So, we got a bigger 2 bed house rental, Rico run away as soon as we moved (the BlueCross said it’s a territorial cat thing). We were happy again!

It seemed like nothing can happen. So we had all that material beauty, but then while building it we forgot to lookout for each other. My Mr Charming (the husband) was focused on building his kingdom as he saw was right for this family meanwhile Mrs Charming (the wife, me) was busy looking after the Master Charming (the kiddo) and the kingdom itself. Simply being young and in love did not helped us much to build our relationship.

The problem was that we did not know each other, we did not have understanding. We were building material beauty but we forgot to build beauty of our souls. When we talked we clashed like enemies… there was no light in our relationship anymore. We got angry because we did not have experience of knowing each other, we got sad because we loved each other but we did not know how to maintain this relationship, and we were depressed as we only were happy when we were busy doing individual and separate things. When we were together we felt obligation to do so. And it is not a life when you are obliged to do something only because of routinely devotion. At this point our kingdom was dark and miserable. And I wanted out as it seemed the best solution after we tried without success the family mediation.

After, my marriage broke down in sunny July, 2016, the next couple of month I spent in nowhere land. I did not know what to expect. All that material beauty what we built have crumbled. I felt like floating in the zero gravity fields with all those crumbled pieces around me. Suddenly everything stopped…

Today, after a year and a half of research and understanding what is healthy and happy (consulting psychologist, astrologer, psychics, friends, family and practicing healthy lifestyle), I can assure you that we need to start with ourselves. As we learn only from our experience with the chance to improve future. I started this journey of enlightenment I knew how I don’t want to feel.


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