Happy New Year Beautiful Souls

Welcome to my NEW Blog Little Magic Called Life!

After fighting back on procrastination at the end of the last year with no success I decided to start the 2018 afresh. The best solution for procrastination is to get something done. So I ditched all the items from my home what is no use for me, rearranged interior and started this Blog.

Metaphysically speaking I have to thank the full moon in Cancer on January 1st, 2018 which gave me a push into the right direction. With the boosting energy to nurture and protect, and strongly following my intuition in the last 3 days, I have managed to do things what I have been setting aside for the last 6 month.

Believe or not to believe, follow or not to follow in astrology and numerology is entirely up to one’s mind. But following, I received awareness of inner self and understood which direction to head first. The correct ‘tools’ in your life will keep you in balance.

An example, exercise: You will not run if you do not like it, so why get all worried about getting fit doing that. The key is to find what you like to do, and maybe it is walking, dancing, etc. The point is to get exercise and the fresh air in those lungs. I personally do not like running. At the gym I use treadmills only for fast-walking. Or I go to Richmond’s Park and walk around it and through it for the best scenery of reindeers, old trees, ponds with swans and manmade Isabella plantation. It’s an amazing park for kids, picnics and cycling too, if you like those kinds of things. Did you know that race walking is an Olympic sport? Get your walking sticks out!

Whatever is your resolution for this year, or you just like to go with the flow with no particular goal, I wish you to have courage to follow your intuition and to fulfil your dream of becoming best version of yourself this year.

Follow your dream – that is your authentic nature!

With lots of love,

Zaiga x


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